and kari is ashamed of me. jerk. (hey k, like how i just gave you YET ANOTHER reference? chris will be sooo proud…)

so, what is happeining, all you loyal readers who’ve never hear of me and don’t read me. man. if/ when you start reading, think of me here typing to abso-freakingly-no-one but two of my cowokers and my mom. wait, that’s a lie – my mom doesn’t even read this drivel. she has a life.

any-hoo, i wanted to mention a couple of things. first off, props to jeff clark for this article about lousy interviews – i promise i’ll never do any of those things to you (unless i’m really, really bored – in which case, expect baboons and a freaky midget)

oh, hey, wanna get me stuff? cool, cuz i want stuff. go here (also a  great way to get to know the real me)