Dana Gardner is a smart man. A very, very smart man who likes us. When you have an analyst of this caliber rating you this highly – well, it gives your the warm business fuzzies. So if you’ve been saying to yourself: “Self, I need a new job. Where should I take my killer skillset next? Who’s actually worthy of me?”, I think you should take Dana’s kind words into consideration. We’re starting to be kind of a big deal.

Here, I’ll serve you up a slice:

I’ve been experimenting with search on a new level — business ecology networking. And it’s proven an IT researcher’s dream.

ZoomInfo has taken a new slice on search by giving its users not only a resume-like definition of individuals — it gives a powerful definition of the bucket or buckets that any company operates in. That is, it actually defines business ecologies, product niches, and essentially markets. If you can find one company in a business area — you can find just about all of them, certainly all of them that matter.