So, a little bragging on behalf of my sales bretheren here at ZoomInfo. The team has done an outstanding job this year – while we’ve shown consistent growth since inception, this past year was nothing short of breathtaking. They kept breaking records, for one thing. And they kept winning awards, like The Stevie from Selling Power, for “Software Sales Organization of the Year”. Now, since this is bragging-by-proxy, I don’t have to show any modesty. This team rocks. Not just because they can sell, but because they make it look like art. Great people, too (include a beer maker, stand-up comedian, and lord knows what else).

So, if you sell or want to sell, and you’re looking to break into a world-class selling team with a company, well, you know who to reach out to. Also, we have this nifty account management team that serves as an incubator for our future sales stars – great way to get in.