Help!  Yup, help.  I need it.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’re growing like strong kids should, and that means we need to add to our staff.  If you are (or know) a solid engineer, either with front-end web dev experience (C# .Net), or somebody with solid C++ and a deep understanding of data structures, algorithms and scalable architecture – well, whe should talk.

Our philosophy is pretty straightforward: we work hard, but considering the amount of time we spend here it’s imporant that we enjoy the time together.  We don’t hire big huge egos, and we don’t hire clock watchers.  We hire builders, collaboraters, iconoclasts, and creatives.  Our company is at just about the perfect size – we’re stable finacially, and growing, but not so big that you can’t get things done quickly.

We’re building something neat here.  Come on down