Here’s something Bob Nardelli forgot (or simply didn’t care about): the owner/ CEO/ head honcho of any organization is the front line when it comes to customer-sevice. For more on this, check on Seth Godin’s take on the situation. In this case, the customers were Home Depot’s shareholders. Since so little gets said about positive customer service, I want to give up some props to Pedro Alarcon, of La Casa De Pedro.

New Years eve, around 2 pm, my lovely & pregnant wife Christina got a craving for nachos. Really good nachos. Since we were going to be near the Arsenal Mall, and I know La Cas De Pedro was nearby, we popped in. After we were seated, and looked at the menu, it was pretty clear that this was higher-end South American (a la, no burritos, and definately no nachos). We asked the waitress about nachos, becasue, well, it was a Craving. Not a trifle. Within 5 minutes, Pedro himself was there. 10 minutes later, we had what I can honestly say were the best nachos I’ve ever eaten. Hands down. Pedro made the tortillas for us by hand, mixed the ingredients, and served them to us. Then he came back twice to check on us. Granted, mid-day is typically slower in a restaurant, but they were clearly gearing up for a major New Year’s Eve event and I’m sure he had his hands full.

Pedro didn’t just save my bacon on New Years Eve – he created a customer for life.