So, kudos to Jason Goldbeg at Jobster for standing up in the face of what must be a tough moment for him & his employees.  He’s posted a way to reach out to all of Jobster’s employees in his blog – not for the faint of heart.  Now, the cynic thinks “This is a way to push back at the world that says Jobster is failing – he’s saying that the employees there are not going to move because they know the firm will be a success, in spite of a bad moment.”  The altruist thinks “Aww.”  I’m a mix of the two: I’m rooting for this to be a selfless move, but I’ve been around long enough to question it.  That said, I think it’s impressive either way.

Oh, and for you Jobster employees who are looking (or open to it…) – take a peek here and get back to me.