The good new is, there are tons of resources out there for job hunters. The unfortunate news is that most of them, well, kind of suck. I know that “good to know” is of course your first stop on the hunt, but there are others you should be aware of.

I’d start by recommending you subscribe (for free) to the electronic recruiters exchange. It’s meant to be a place for recruiters to swap stories, share recommendations on best practice, etc. That said, if you read it carefully, you can get a sense of what recruiters are looking for, as well as who’s hiring.

Of course, building a profile with ZoomInfo can only help you, and gives you a quick way to add a personal web-site to your resume (this is a good thing – shows savvy).

On the book/ CD/ DVD/ web-site/ god knows waht else front, there is a mountain. I’m going to give you some basic recommendations to start, but I know there’s more gold out there – as I did it up, I’ll post it under the new “Resources” catagory.

I’d also ask – if you have recommendations, please post them as comments here, and I’ll add them to my updates.

So, a couple of options. There’s the guru of the field – Richard N. Bolles. He’s got a couple of good ones, including the ubiqitous “What Color is Your Parachute?” as well as Both useful, but mainly so if you’d don’t really know what you want to do next. I’d avoid books on how to write cover letters – if you need templates, you can get them free online from a variety of sources (the main thing is to be succinct, demonstrate why you’re a fit for the specific ccompany, check your grammer & spelling, and close them with a compelling reason to interview you). If you’re thinking about going global, then check out Elizabeth Kruempelmann’s “The Global Citizen”. Some good stuff there, and you can learn a good deal about networking, even if you plan to stay local.

More to come…