This adaptation of a familiar tale by Colin Kingsbury is pretty durned charming.  That, and pretty much on target.  I’d just add this:


You’re told to find a cow.  Everyone agrees that there is a need and room in the budget for a new cow.  Engineering wants a cow that has .Net/C#, Java, C++, CSS, PHP, stong interpersonal skills, managment potential, and the ability to crack the Google algorithm.  Marketing wants a cow that can perform SEO as well as dance on the head of a pin – that, and write copy.  Sales wants a cow that knows how to hunt as well as farm.  Product wants a high-potential cow with an MBA from a top school that can herd cats. 

You locate several such cows, with exceptional pedigrees. 

Upon meeting all the cows, and bringing a herd back for second and third round interviews, the executive team decides that what is really needed is a cat.