This is a point that I’ve made before (and I’m absolutely not the first), but needs to be repeated.  Recruiters, hiring managers, etc al get flooded with resumes, and most of them are at best bullet points of duties.  Quite often, it’s clear the candidate simply copied and pasted their current & past job descriptions word for word.  This isn’t just ineffective, it’s fodder for the recycling bin.  You need to stand out, and show that you’ll bring unique value to your prospective employer – it’s the old adage from creative writing: “Show, don’t tell”.  Include data that highlights how your work had a direct, positive impact.  An example would be sales: “hit 150% of quota”, “rescued key account that had been damaged by prior mismanagement”, “rookie of the year” are the kinds of things I scan for.  I already know that sales reps: prospect, follow-up, and close.  I want to know what they did beyond that.