So.  Home today with the plague.  And I saw the most interesting thing – CNN falling for the good old Nigerian e-mail scam.  Anderson Cooper 360 has a report by Jeff Koinange – one of their field correspondents – where he gets an e-mail “from a Nigerian warlord” named “Jomo”.  Said warlord  invites them down to the Nigerian Delta to do a piece on the conflict there.  They take the bait – err, invite and fly down to Nigeria, hop into a boat and cruise aimlessly up the river waving a print out of an e-mail from Jomo.  Hilarity ensues.  The best part – of course – is hearing Anderson “I’m so deep – here’s some more me reflecting on me, about all the things me has done” Cooper taking all of this report seriously, as opposed to realizing there’s been some bleed-over from The Daily Show.

Oh, and Jomo – I’m still waiting for my share of that money your dead general father left you – you know, where you had me open up a bank account for you?  Did my last wire transfer get to you, btw?  I miss our correspondence.