Why, none other than our own Mr. Jeff Clark.  I’ve talked about Jeff’s blog/ job-search story before, but today there was yet another ripple from the pebble he dropped into the internet – his picture front and center on today’s Wall Street Journal (just a note – the link shows Moby’s face first, but the print version places Jeff as it’s focal point).   The reporter who interviewed him found him through his blog.

If you’re looking for a job, and haven’t at least looked into developing an online presence, you’re getting missed by a lot of eyes.  Whenever I start working on a new search, one of the first things I do is look for well-written blogs by people who have expertise in the area I’m looking for talent in.   It’s a great way for me to meet people with chops, and bloggers tend to be really well networked – if nothing else, they might know someone they can refer me to.

We’ve hired Jeff, as well as Brian Balfour this way – our VP or Product, Russ Glass, came across Brian’s blog and reached right on out to him (Brian’s blog –  SocialDegree -is well worth adding to your blogroll, btw).  Get out there.   Be found.