Leave your baggage at home, and learn how to type a coherent message.   It helps.

Not sure how to say that more clearly.  Here’s the thing – if you think you’ve been rejected for a number of jobs for your lifestyle/ appearance (let’s say you have a green mohawk and some visible ink), despite being qualified for the work, that’s unfair.  That said, you can’t assume that every firm that you apply to in the future is going to reject you and then let that bitterness show through in your first contact with the company. 

You can address the issue in your letter or first phone call, but do it tactfully and try and make it a selling point: “While I know I am well qualified for this opportunity, and can bring a range of skills to your firm, I do have a unique appearance – I’m creative and like to show it by wearing my hair in diferent styles as my mood warrants.  If you are alright with that, I am confident we could do some great work together.  If you are not, I respect that but do not wish to waste anyone’s time by moving forward.”  You just showed some communication skills, tactful forthrightness, as well as respect.  On top of which, the person you’re applying to might feel a tad small-minded if they reject you based on appearance (assuming you actually are qualified for the role).

Personally, I think that a level of self-expression is interesting and shows courage (not to mention that most of my rocker friends are pretty darned smart people).  Making an assumption about someone you’ve never met – in this case me – is kind of insulting, not to mention shows me that you’re generally bitter and lact tact.  Not someone that I’d consider high caliber.

One last note – please don’t ever, ever type a cover letter to someone in “IM-Speak”.  You is not spelled “U”.  And capitilize the letter “i” when you’re talking about yourself.  You’re worth the shift key.