Seth Godin posts on how companies need to attract candidates through better job descriptions.  I think it’s pretty interesting.   Our approach here at ZoomInfo has been to present the opportunity of the position – what you as a candidate will get out of the role, as much as what we expect to get out of you. 

Think about it from the your perspective as the candidate: if every job you’re looking at seems to be the same, why are you interested in it?  Sure, the company may be interesting – maybe they have Foosball tournaments, free food in the cafe every day, on-site doctors, etc al.  That said, if your day-to-day work experience is the exact same as it is in your current position, where’s the chance to take joy in your own work?  A good HR staff can make a company sound like a “fun” place to work, but that stuff ends up just being chaff if you’re miserable in the daily stuff.

Bottom-line: You need to be somewhere that views its employees as craftspeople, and treats them as such – subject matter experts who’s opinions and work are valuable.  That’s when work stops being “work”, and becomes something you look forward to.  Don’t settle for less, it’s your life.