So, our founders had this idea – what if you could read documents all over the Web, understand them, and then set up an interface so that people could easily search through them?  Instead of just tagging key words, make the search “intelligent”.  Simple enough idea, I suppose, but a really tough nut to crack.  Thankfully they’re a lot smarter than me, and they knew how to hire the right people to work on a whole slew of inherently interesting problems around the NLP/ AI/ machine learning space.  After that, it was a matter of continuing to hire smart, creative people and never giving up.  7 years later, we’re still here, and growing strong – the company’s profitable, the staff is top notch, it’s a great place to work, and our problems continue to be fascinating ones.

I’m bringing all this up for a reason – if you have an idea, even one that seems daunting (and making NLP profitable is a heck of an achievement), go for it.  If you hate your job, and think there’s a place out there that would better match your desires – there probably is.  You just need to put some effort into the hunt.

Don’t give up – we didn’t, and now we’re ZoomInfo, an incredibly interesting, successful company that continues to never give up.

Oh, and this is shameless, but it’s my blog… If you found this post & you’re in the NLP and/ or machine learning space, we’re looking to add to our core development team.  Get in touch, I’m happy to hear from you.