Ahh, rage.  I love it.  I mean, Jonathan Edwards was clearly out of his skull crazy, but it must have been a bit like Ozzie at his angriest when he let loose in Enfield.  So, now we have this little gem from one of my ken – call it “candidates in the hands of an angry recruiter”.  Here’s a taste, but read the entire diatribe.  There’s some truth in this rage.  (Hat tip to Jeff Clark for passing along this little gem to me).

Objectives are stupid.
Clearly, your objective is to land the job, or else you wouldn’t be applying. But if you have listened to the idiots who’ve written books about its necessity (notice they work for themselves, and haven’t been hired anywhere in a while), at least keep it short, sweet, and related to the actual job for which you’re applying as opposed to the generic tripe that has come through my desk the past four hours. Such as:

“Objective: To obtain a secretarial/receptionist position where I can utilize my skills in customer service while demonstrating a customer first attitude yet utilizing my wide variety of administrative skills by pushing and advancing the office entirely by giving organization and any assistance as needed all still while gaining any and all available knowledge within the office environment”

First of all, the position isn’t for that of a receptionist or secretary; read the posting. You’re already down two points. Second of all, if you’re going to throw buzzwords like “utilize” about willy-nilly, at least don’t do it twice in the same sentence. Next, make sense. “…by pushing and advancing the office entirely by giving organization and any assistance as needed…”? Seriously? Is that supposed to make sense or be in English? Lastly, utilize the comma. I’d rather you overuse this little friend of ours than underuse him, especially if you’re going to make a huge-ass paragraph only one sentence.

(3/19: Just got this in my in-box, and well, if you want to know how to never, ever, ever get a call from a recuiter, try this – name [and nothing else] removed to be nice):


              Iam Xxxx BE Production engnineering like to work in your concern,with this mail i attached my resume.

                                                  Thank you


                   TRY JESUS

For Prayers write to :”