Not to brag, but… Well, we went and did it – shook things up a bit.  Again.  Just in a bigger way than usual.  Early this morning, ZoomInfo launched our brand-spankin’ new approach to search.  Deeper searches, new algorithms, a new architecture, and a brilliant new UI.  We’re going to be offering free access to much of what we’ve been charging for up to now.

We’re already all over the business press:

As mentioned previously on Mashable, ZoomInfo has long been a standard for business research and provides data for recruiters, job seekers and others involved in corporate environments. Their new semantic search improves on their existing product and brings forth the needed evolution for niche search engines, and would do best to be applied to others across the board. -Kristen Nicole, Mashable 


With $12 million in sales last year and some 1600 corporate clients — including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Oracle, PepsiCo and about 100 of the Fortune 500 — business information company ZoomInfo has decided to provide free access to most of what it had been charging for.  On Monday, plans to offer a newly improved business-oriented semantic search service, tailored for finding information about companies and their employees, to any Internet user under an advertisement-supported model.                   -Thomas Claburn, Information Week

“Sapna Satagopan, an associate analyst with Jupiter Research, said the site is unusually good at looking at relationships within companies, a benefit to both marketers and recruiters that will disrupt the prevailing model of corporate data collection.”                      -Leah Messinger, Red Herring

ZoomInfo is able to generate detailed company descriptions, revenues, key employees, merger links, product categories, industry competitors and current job openings. It does this using semantic Web search techniques that allow a user to search not just by keywords, as Google does, but by concepts. -Eric Auchard, Reuters

So, very, very cool buzz in (and outside of) the office these days – nothing like working with people who are at the top of their game, and who are enjoying what they do.  I’m ramble on some more, but with the new launch we’re hiring like crazy, and I need to pound the phone/ e-mail a bit.  If you’d like to make my life a bit easier, why don’t you go ahead and apply already??

We’re Web infinity, baby.  Come join us.