ZoomInfo - Know Your Stuff

All right, so maybe the headline is a bit presumptuous, but I think it might be portentous (sorry, I’m abusing alliteration again).  We’re onto something pretty cool here in Waltham, and that means we’re hiring.  Great time to join us – we’re still small enough to have your voice heard, but large enough (and profitable) to do some interesting work.

So if you’re the brainy, adventurous type who wants to be part of what is rapidly turning out to be the future of search engines, now’s your chance.  Our site traffic is blowing up, marketing and product are fully engaged, and things are, well, looking pretty darned rosy from our corner.

Frankly, I need good people.  Here’s what I look for in general (more specific openings are on our career site, but you should apply regardless, since there are more positions waiting on deck as we continue to expand):

  • Smarts
  • Creativity
  • Personality (not scary personality, but “hey, she/ he is pretty interesting – I never knew they were a champion juggler“)
  • Interest in the Web
  • Willing to make mistakes
  • Self-propelled

So, if that’s you, reach out soon – we tend to act quickly once we find the right person.