There are those golden few who seem to always know how to pivot and make the right choices.  You know who I mean – the ones who had their choice of dream jobs lined up before they even graduated, always seem to date & marry the most interesting people, and drive their life the way they want to.

And, then there’s the majority – we make choices, and sometimes they’re the right ones.  Sometime, well, not so good.  (I suppose the positive there is that we know from experience how to recover from disaster).  

So I’m talking to the rest of us (you know, the Festivus adherents).  Most people have had times when they’ve been looking for a job, and felt that we had to take the one offered, even if it didn’t feel right – anything to keep the wolves from the door, right?  I’m going to suggest that it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can do better if you know your strengths & weaknesses, and know what your passionate about.

So the first step is a little bit of (gulp) honest self-assessment.  Take an objective look at yourself.  Ask people who know you to give you a quick list of what they see as your strengths and weaknesses.  Sit down with the list(s), and then prep one around your passions and/ or hobbies.  I’ll bet you’ll start seeing some overlap.  The next step is to think creatively around what’s out there.

America’s a pretty darned wonderful place for this, since there as so freaking many cottage industries, weird subsets, etc al.  You’ll probably find that there is work to be done that makes use of your abilities and interests.  If you play it right, you might even find a place where you can improve on your weaknesses.

 Good luck, and good hunting.