(Full disclosure: This is me bragging a bit about this place that I love.  It’s also a blatant hook to try and pull in some more great talent.  That said, if anything I’m being modest about ZoomInfo.) 

Last JuneI sent in a slightly cheeky, but well thought out (and, thankfully, received) cover letter to ZoomInfo’s COO, Bryan Burdick.  Once he came around to the idea that I wasn’t a complete lunatic (more on that if you ask), he invited me in a few times.  Over the course of several days, I interviewed here and met with individual members of the executive team.  Great people, great interviews, all of that.  What really hooked me were a few key things that I saw in every peson I met, one of which I’m going to talk about a bit deeper in this post.  These were: clearly intelligent management; street smarts; sense of humor & perspective (we’re not big on egomaniacs here); a consistent message that ZoomInfo was about to become a big deal.

Everything I sensed from those interviews has played out.  This is an interesting, well run, deeply enjoyable place to work – those traits were obvious from the get-go, as was the potential.  What’s exciting now is that this potential has become reality.

Some quick data around that last point: in 2006, we nearly doubled our customer base to over 1,500; exceeded 12 million in sales; our sales team won a Stevie Award for “Best Software Sales Organization of the Year”; increased unique site-visits tenfold.  Oh, and did I mention that we’re consistently profitable?

We also hired a couple of people (about 20 in the past 9 months), and we’re still adding to our staff – we frankly need to keep adding exceptional talent to keep pace with our growth.  (Hint: click here, apply now…).

All of this was done by the people here – an incredibly remarkable group of individuals.  There’s so much dedicated, raw talent here – this is a brain-trust full of interesting, engaged craftspeople who constantly surprise me with the work they produce.

One of the most important achievements we’ve come up with was the unveiling of the new ZoomInfo.com – the first market-ready semantic search engine.  With this, we’re able to offer free access to the deepest, freshest and most comprehensive information available on more than 3.5 million companies, including detailed descriptions, M&A activities, their revenues, key employees, competitors and current job openings.  Not to mention some of our partnerships, like Indeed.  I’m going to blog more on this late, but very quickly: you can come to ZoomInfo to look for jobs in your area (powered by Indeed’s job search engine), find a list of roles that sound interesting, and then quickly pivot on your search to research each company in depth.  Nothing like applying and knowing the hiring manager’s name…

Here’s some recent press coverage is around us:

“On Apr. 2, ZoomInfo launched a new business search engine it says is the first market-ready semantic search engine. This type of information can be especially helpful to recruiters who may be looking for mid-level managers at specific companies. “It gives me more people in a targeted company to pursue,” says Alan Bogard, manager of recruitment for the Full Spectrum Lending Div. at Countrywide Financial (CFC), which uses ZoomInfo.” -Business Week, 3/2007

“ZoomInfo plans to do more than just enhance its content offering, though. In addition to wanting to know more and find better jobs, the company also believes its users want to get more accurate information faster. So, in late April, ZoomInfo also implemented a new database architecture. The key impact will be that the process in which its crawlers cull content, dump it into databases, then churn and combine it before making it available will be reduced from a month to a mere three hours.” -EContent, 4/2007

“As mentioned previously on Mashable, ZoomInfo has long been a standard for business research and provides data for recruiters, job seekers and others involved in corporate environments. Their new semantic search improves on their existing product and brings forth the needed evolution for niche search engines, and would do best to be applied to others across the board.” -Mashable post 3/2007

There’s more, here.

This is, in essence, a long “thank-you” to the executive team for hiring me, and running this place so well.  It’s also a more directed one to our COO, Bryan Burdick, for taking a chance on an odd-duck in a recruiter’s costume, and to our CFO, Bill Price, who seems to think I’m doing a smash-up job.  Best CFO I’ve ever worked with (and as a recruiter who used to make a living placing CFO’s, that’s saying something). 

Thanks everyone.