So, wanted to throw throw this up here real quick – when a recruiter (moi, in this case) runs a search through one of the big resume databases, they rarely open all of the results unless they get back a pretty slim list.  Typically, they’ll do a keyword search by skill-set, title, location, etc al, and get back well over 100 hits.  (Recruiters are human) + (humans seek the path of least resistance)= recruiters basically scan the title, and only click the link if they see something that catches their eye.

So, if I’m looking for a Vice-President of Enginerring, with a focus on Product Development , or an Inside Sales Representative, I’m looking for the heading to say something like “Successful, results-oriented Director of Product Development with significant Web experience”, or “Quota busting, professional, team-oriented Inside Sales Pro”.  If it just says, say: “Joe’s resume”, I’m probably going to pass it by.   I’d like to look at every result, just to avoid missing a diamond in the rough, but I’m still working on that time-stopping device in my basement.  Until I get that nailed down, I have to be a little selective.

It boils down to this: take a clue from the mighty peacock, and make sure your plumage stands out from the crowd.