Hello out there, whoever you are. It’s always weird writing these things, never really know who’s reading them besides Kari Hanson, our PR Director – and she’s mostly reading them while biting her nails, waiting for me to say something that will make her job harder.  Don’t worry Kari, that day will come.  This may well be that post, who knows…

That said, probably not.  This is a fully self-serving post, but a fairly clean one.  I’m looking pretty darned hard these days for our new Vice President of Engineering.  Key thing is going to be somebody who knows how to make killer Web-based products, manages well, and who gets that this is a business.   I’d be happy to talk to a Director who’s ready for their career-making move, too.

 So, if you know somebody (or, hopefully, if you are that somebody) let me know.  This is a great place to work.