Here’s the thing – if the firm you are applying to hires really good people, then they’re probably going to be a really good place to work (I’m defining “really good” as a place that’s interesting to work and that also makes a profit– harder than it sounds).  If you want to work at that kind of place, then expect the person who looks at your resume initially to be pretty sharp (ZoomInfo being the possible exception to this rule – really good place to work, and yet they hired this guy…).  If you look like a potential fit, then they’re going to look a bit deeper at you before they bring you in.

Which brings me to the point of this little note.  E-mail addresses are free.  It takes about a  minute to set up a new one.  Using the e-mail address with the funny name is probably going to be a red flag to a recruiter.  The only excuse for using a personal e-mail like, say: or maybe, is because you’re lazy, or possiblyjust don’t get it.  Neither posture’s going to serve you well in the job hunt.  (Btw, if anybody bothers to email those links, and actually gets a response, tell them the stay the hell away…).