…are the same as kids anydays: human.  Which means they behave like they’ve been trained (yes, Victoria, you are a glorified circus monkey).  And that’s the problem – the Boomers (and, now sadly Gen X – scoreless T-ball???) went soft on us, and decided it was easier to be “friends” with their kids than be their parents.  There’s an interesting post on the Electronic Recruiters Excange (ere) by Sarah White around this topic (we share the same prediliction for making our small children do things like, oh I dunno, actually clean up their messes…) – she focuses on the frightening fact that only 48% of kids have summer jobs this year.  I know this isn’t because there aren’t enough jobs to go around.  I also know from personal experience this year that every other fresh grad I interviewed back in the spring seemed to decide at some point that they were going to take the summer off and “recuperate from the stress of 4 years of college.”

Cry me a freaking river – college isn’t stressful, no matter how many extracurricular activities you take on to beef up your resume.  Trust me on this – if you’re one of those kids, get ready to have your mind-blown by what it means to actually work.  College was your break.  Reality bites, and it’s jaws lock like a pit bull’s.

In a lot of ways, this abdication of responsibility by the generation that Spock screwed up is a betrayel.  If you don’t know how to work, it’s probably in part because nobody showed you the way.  I’m not offering that as a cop-out — if you’re that person, you’d better do some self-training if you want to eat, and you’re now all grown up kid.  What I am saying is that by denying this new generation the chance to learn from an early age not just how to work, but how to take some joy in it, their parents damned them to a life where they have to work and they hate every minute of it.  It’s selfish and it’s wrong – just because you can’t stand up to your 3-year old doesn’t mean you should, basically, set them up for a very frustrating adulthood.

All right – I’ll hop off of the soapbox.  For now…