Seriously.  I’m trying to recreate ours, because, well, I hate it.  I wrote it, and I’m ashamed of myself…. Luckily, the PTB here are pretty cool people, and since we’re a Web company, that type of stuff is easily changed.

So, I’m spending way, way too much time trying to create something that’ll stand out – and in doing so, I’ve been surfing career sites.  Most of them stink – here’s a quote (no lie) from one of ’em:

We do not look at our workforce as merely human resources – we regard them as our assets. As in the case of any asset, it needs to be cultivated to its maximum potential for superlative output.

(Wonder if they stamp them with bar codes as part of first-day orientation…)

Do you realize that when you google “top ten reasons to work at” you get back 4,980 results?  Look, that schtick clearly got old a loooong time ago….

 Anywho, I’m just ranting and avoiding staring at the empty page on my screen for a few minutes.  Need to get this done soon, too, there’s some sort of ice cream party happening in about an hour.  And I do like ice cream.  Oh, yes, I do…