Hi there

This blog is first off an attempt on my part to help people out who are looking for work, or just unhappy where they are.  That said, I’m also hoping that people will take the opportunity to consider coming to work for us here at ZoomInfo – this is a really phenomenal place to work.  Our focus is, of course, to be a successful business, but we want to maintain the great culture that’s brought us to this point.

On that note: we have plans to do some serious hiring.  The time is right for us, as we’re anticipating lots of growth.  So despite the sharp drop in hiring that’s occurring nationwide, we’re a bit of a beacon in the dark.

I’d love to hear from you – the fact that you’re reading a blog in the first place means you must have at least some of the mindset we’re looking for.  Not all of the jobs we’re lining up are listed on our career site yet – you should apply anyways.  We can accelerate filling a role if we see a strong fit earlier than we were planning on hiring, and there are times we’ve created roles for people we just thought were too good to pass up.  Btw, I’m a sucker for a great cover letter.