Interesting – if slightly biased 🙂 – post on the Revolution Systems blog today about the dangers of lowering your standards when you hire programmers.  Really good stuff, actually.  Makes the important point that if you lower your standards when you hire, it can have much deeper consequences than you might think – if you start to hire B players, then you’ll drive the A players in your team away, and will find it much harder to attract stronger talent.  If you hold out for the best, they’ll deliver results that exceed by several factors the work of others, and they’ll attract more talent like themselves.  The only part I took issue with was his throwing other departments (sales & customer service, to be specific) under the bus – to my mind, you need to hire the best in every position, from the CFO to the front desk.  Great engineers can build the best products in the world, but if your sales team is made up of average players, no one’s going to buy it.  Also, if you don’t have the best customer service, good luck keeping those clients your sales team wowed with your great product in the first place.

Every stinkin’ person in a company matters.