I just wanted to praise the applicant that got away.  A week ago, I interviewed a great candidate for our sales team.  Good conversation, and there was mutual interest.  He wanted to kick the tires a bit, and mentioned that he knew one of our salespeople and would be calling her to talk about the role and say hi.  He did, and came away pretty intrigued – we booked a face to face.  The following day, he got a promotion at his current company that he’d been angling for, and decided to stick it out.  I was understandly bummed out he didn’t pursue us, but the new role sounded interesting and I couldn’t hold it against him.

That said: yesterday I received a hand-written thank you note for my time on the phone, and a pledge to keep up with me.  I literally said out loud to myself: “Hmm, good guy.”  I ran into the sales rep he’d spoken to, and he’d done the same with her.  So there we were, talking about what a great guy he was for doing that, and how great it would be to eventually get him over here.  And here I am, blogging about his follow through. 

The point is that it’s those types of details that can make or break your search.