Alright, so Boston isn’t the #1 city on Forbes’ new “Best Cities for Young Professionals” list, but we’re still up there – personally, I think this is a better city than, say, New York, if only because of a ridiculously vibrant college scene that’s constantly blurping out new blood (and that, my friend, was a truly gross metaphor).  Not to mention we have a way, waaaay better baseball team.  In any event, like Avis back in the 60’s liked to say about their lack of #1 status: “We try harder”.

So, young, hip, entrepreneurial and looking for a cool place to live? Boston’s your town.  Looking for some way to pay rent, eat, and actually get out to enjoy the club/ theatre/ bar/ restaurant/ generally swingin’ time here?  Consider ZoomInfo – all the cool kids are doing it…