One of the most common search terms I see for this blog is “objectives for your resume”.  I’m talking at least a third of them per day.  Which bothers me, because it tells me people are spending way too much time on a useless exercise.

You don’t ever need an objective – I’ve said this before, but since it’s buried, I’m going to say it again: your objective is to get a job.  If you write an objective, one of two things will happen: it will be way too specific, and you won’t be considered for any other roles at an organization, or it will be way too generic and completely ignored.  If you can’t help yourself, and have to put something at the top of your resume, put a simple skills summary (here’s an example):

Summary of qualifications

·  Over ten years of marketing, management and sales experience  ·  Sales training and promotion in business to business sales  ·  Proven ability to manage key account relationships  · Experienced manager with the ability to motivate employees to surpass company goals  · Results-oriented leader with strong organization, communication, team-building, and problem-solving skills  · Tradeshow experience including lead generation and distribution   ·  Vendor and customer relationship management

Don’t tell me that you’re looking for an interesting, engaging, empowering company that listens to its employees – I assume that, since everyone else is, too.  Just tell me what you’ve done that’s made you unique, and worth paying attention to.  It’s up to you to determine if the job & company meet your objective.