So, you’ve been waiting for this moment to happen – for ZoomInfo, the hottest software company in the Boston area, and one of the hottest Web-plays in the US, to have an opportunity for you.

Man, do we.  Without going into all the particulars (in part because we want to keep a few things private, as well as the fact that this is a Web company, and we like to keep some flexibility), we’re going to be hiring.  A lot.  I’m still working on all the job descriptions, timing, yadda yadda, but suffice it to say that if you have some sort of experience working with Web products (from sales to software development to accounting, etc, etc), then there’s a good chance there’s a role here for someone with your level of skills.

So, how do you hop on board the train?  First, check our our career page.  Second, send your resume in – if there isn’t a job posted (yet) that matches your skill-set, don’t be shy.  Apply to the General Rock Stars listing, and I’ll reach out to you if you look like a fit for one of the jobs we haven’t listed for.  If not, you’ll be on my radar for new roles as they develop – and they will, trust me on that one.  Oh, they will….

We’ve achieved our goal of consistent profitability and growth, and now we’re ready to rock out.  This is a hugely exciting time to join us.