Ever feel an itch to own something absolutely impractical, and absolutely essential?  Unless you’re some sort of monk, I’m thinking your response is: “daily.”  I’m having one of those moments right now.  Earlier today (I’m home playing Mr. Mom this week to the kids), I was in Cambridge with my daughter and saw a mint black ’68 Mustang GT Fastback – pretty sure it wasn’t a kit, either.  It’s one of my favorite cars of all time, not least because my dad drove one (before the kids ruined were born).  That said, it’s not my dream car (very, very close though).  Nope, what I’ve been lusting after since I was raging around in all my teen glory is a Mustang GT/California Special – the greatest muscle car of all time, to my mind.  How many other cars can truly – and I mean, to their bones – claim to be both a Shelby GT and a Mustang?

Why the hell – if you’re even still reading this idyll – am I posting this?  No, it’s not one of those “today, at 8:02 am, i made whole wheat toast.  then, at 9:12, i had a most satisfying movement” type of self-obsessed blog moments.  Well, okay, it is a little.   But, but, here’s the thing: I let myself actually imagine buying a well maintained Mustang GT/CS because, well, I work for ZoomInfo.  And we’re doing really, really interesting stuff here.  And we’re profitable.  And we’re being watched by some pretty interesting people.  And we’re led by really, really clever people.  And I have stock options – which means, someday, I may glide past you in a black GT/CS, smiling like a teenaged boy the morning after a succesful prom…


 Care to join the party?

(editors note: I should mention one thing here – I’d actually trade the GT/CS, plus a kidney (not my own, but I can get one in Mexico cheap), for the Interceptor from Mad Max, but I thought I’d keep my dream within reach – I don’t have that many options…)