…for real.  There’s a ton happening on our end, and it’s all very, very good.  That said, my head’s going to explode somewhere along the way (and I promise to post the slow-mo of thatlittle beaut on YouTube).  Before that happens, though, I’m extremely interested in talking to people who have the chops to make it here (which means you have to be: smart, creative, pretty darned nice – funny helps, but we can always work with you on that one – oh, and you need to get the Web.  But you’re reading a blog post, so I’m guessing you kind of have that figured).  There are a bunch of open positions listed on the top left corner of the page, and they’re all very real.  Don’t see something that’s quite your size, smarty?  No problem – hook yourself up with an RSS feed from the ZoomInfo Career Site, and let the openings come direct to you as we publish them.

On that note – you should apply even if you don’t see a specific job.  There’s a listing for General Rock Stars you can go through.  I say that because we’re rolling out new openings according to a “plan” (it’s in quotes because we’re not thatmechanical – this is a Web company, baby, things are always a bit in flux).  If you apply, and there’s a job in the pipeline you match, we might just bring you in ahead of time – and boo-hoo to those who waited… 🙂