So, this is a bit of a blatent plea, but on the off-chance you are (or know someone who is) involved in online advertising and/ or search, well, chances are I’d like to talk to them about an opportunity.  We are launching a new business unit – Search and Online Advertising – that stands a pretty fair chance of shaking up the world of, well, search and online advertising.  We just leased some nifty office space in downtown San Francisco, and this guy is out there building a team on search and advertising pro’s to help grow the new business.  That said: if you (or the aforementioned someone you know) wants to work in our home office in Waltham, we can go with that.

What’s cool is that we’ve got this really interesting technology that we can put behind the products our little dream team is going to be developing.  The company itself is: extremely well run (you know, profitable, growing strongly, etc), in a very interesting space, and very protective of it’s culture (our definition of an “A player” includes terms like “nice” “funny” “a litle quirky” and “not a jerk”).   So, you’ll get to make cool stuff, in a cool space, and with really, really cool people you’d love to have a beer with.  (Oh, and we like to have beer, too). 

Right now, I’m looking for a VP of Ad Products, but there are several more roles to come: VP of Search Products, couple product managers, few sales reps, some marketers…. If you’re interested in general, here’s the Rock Stars link.

Semantic advertising, here we come….  Care to join the party?