So, this isn’t going to be a long post – I’m busy watching a close game.  But I’ve been wanting to throw you a link to a really interesting series of articles on innovation from a recent issue of The Economist (seriously – best magazine out there, and possibly the only one worth buying, marking up, jotting down book recommendations from, and then blogging).  In any event, stuff worth reading – if you want to go cheap, go to the article and hit “buy PDF”.  Supposedly, it’s actually free.

Now, why Renovate in the title?  Because it rhymed.  I have no other excuse.142-0453-boston-red-sox-rope-light.jpg

And, Papelbon/ Beckett?   If you’re watching the world series (like I am right now), then maybe you saw the scene in the Sox dugout; there’s Papelbon, just fidgeting and bouncing.   The camera pulls back, and there’s Beckett to his left, calm as can be, playing a freaking triangle like it’s all he wants to be doing at that exact moment.  Just beautiful.  I love this team.