The Web is a scary place, full of rumors and innuendos (seriously – Wikipedia’snot always, umm, “accurate”).  It’s also full of ghosts of things past about you – and not all of them the types of things you want recruiters like me seeing – passed out on the floor drunk with a sketch of the Matterhorn in black ink on your forehead may be funny to some, but it ain’t get you a job at Goldman Sachs (it might get you one here, but we’re weird that way.

Eileen Gunn has a great piece in US News and World Report on that topic today – worth reading (even if it scares you a little).  Here’s a taste:

“…Or even worse, the top results of a Google search include way-too-candid party photos, court documents relating to your divorce, or other embarrassing material you wish you could retract.

A little bit of technical know-how can dramatically sharpen your online persona-and maybe even help sweep those undesirable postings under the rug. To craft your digital image, start long before you’re in the midst of a serious job hunt, since it takes time. The first step is making sure people can find basic, consistent information about your work and career. Once that’s in place, you can take more sophisticated steps to enhance your professional reputation-or do damage control, if you must…”