ZoomInfo’s Bizographic Ad Platform – Care to Help?


Really, really cool news over here in Walham.  As part of our continued expansion, we’ve just announced our plans to launch a bizographic ad platform.  What that means in plain-speak: We’re going to be using our wizz-bang technology to allow marketers to really target their online advertising based on what people do for a living.  It’s cool, and we’re pretty gosh-darned proud of ourselves. 

The new division’s going to be headed up by our own Russ Glass, and we’re actively hiring for his team (which will be located in San Francisco and Waltham – yes, yes, I know, beatiful, beau colic, slightly post-industrial Waltham.  Try and contain yourselves.)  Sooo, if you’re interested, we’re immediately looking for a vice president of advertising, a senior product manager for our ad products, a product manager to focus on multivariate testing (which is actually pretty cool stuff – check this out if you’re curious).  We’ll be looking to add some advertising sales reps fairly soon (no job description yet, but if you’re in the field you probably get it), and Ad Ops Manager, etc, etc….

Busy, busy, busy.



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