I wanted to stop looking.  Honest.  I really tried.  But it just kept getting worse, and worse.  First, there was the cover letter for a sales position with my company (here’s a bit of the horror): “I don’t want to have to be bothered by cold calling, and find that a sales organization that can provide the leads to me is much more effective use of my time, which is why I am interested in the position.”  Not to mention the loose attempts at grammar throughout the damned note.

I knew I shouldn’t open the resume.  Knew it, and I did anyways.  After a summary which explained he wanted a job at my company because it would benefit him, and that: “My aspirations for the future include, but not limited to, starting a business in my future endeavors”, I knew I should stop.  But I just kept scrolling down, craning my neck to see what came next. 

Sure enough, there they came – “I look forward to the trials and tribulations associated with such a position at your establishment.” Ridiculous misspelling after misspelling.  Not a single job (out of 6) that lasted more than 8 months.  And on, and on…  

I knew I should stop.  But I couldn’t.  Could you?