Save the world.  Impress your friends.  Love your job.  Get into heaven – free!*

Nope, this isn’t some scam job-ad on CraigsList.  I’m talking about a career in an industry that’s being forced – literally – into high growth mode (re: lots and lots of job options).  One thtree5.jpgat impresses sexy women/ men when you’re out at the bar.  The type of work that lets you walk around looking smug, and sleep well at night.

That’s right: think about a Green Career.  Now, I know, I know: Birkenstocks. Natty Dread on repeat.  The smell of patchouli oil everywhere.  But that’s old school do-good.  The green industry has gone mainstream – Good u imprint, Your Good House, devoted their November, ’07 issue to green home makeovers.  Bear in mind: these are the folks who run a blog called “Glinda the Good Enough Blog” devoted to being a daring experiment in good deed doing.  Not exactly people who are inclined to unfurl the freak flag at the drop of a hat.

So, what does this mean to you?  Maybe nothing – you may love your job (but then, why are you looking at this page, said the sultry bar blond to the married man).  That said, it may mean everything.  If you’re looking to change roles, but can’t quite find the one that seems to “fit” you, it may not be the day to day.  It may be the industry in general.  there’s all kinds of work in a green economy – from sales to accounting, marketing, etc.  It’s all just business, baby, and business is good.  The environment seems to be shifting, there’s now water in Georgia, and well, an industry is born.  Don’t belive me?  Go check out GreenBiz for some more in depth research (i. e., more than me sitting on my couch at 7 am on a Saturday morning blogging off the top of my head), a job board, career advice, etc al.  There’s a pretty useful report buried in there on the topic of making an environmentally savvy career change – to, say CitiGroup.  I ain’t kidding, and that’s about as mainstream as you get.

Now’s the type to jump in – the bar is still pretty low regarding these firms requiring experience out of a green company, but as things ramp up they’ll start requiring it.  And there you’ll be: relevant experience in hand, attractive spouse who was impressed that you were doing good for a living, and sleeping oh so good at night in your 100% unbleached cotton, hypoallergenic sheets.

*These statements are not to be taken as any form of guarantee.  The author of this blog can’t even guarantee that there is a Heaven, and he’s pretty sure it’s bad news about Santa (with apologies to Virginia if she’s reading this).  While it’s possible that there is some sort of place where good people go after they shuffle off of this mortal coil, it’s also possible that the place has lowered its standards like a US military during an ill advised land war in the Middle East, and you could get in by simply avoiding committing homicide.  It’s equally possible that the place has kept it’s standards, in which case they’re admitting about 1 person per year right now.