One of the most cliched New Year’s resolutions is the one about getting a new job (let’s not even go into the fact that the  whole New Year’s resolutions thing is a cliche – it’s just kind of confusing, like a mirror reflecting a mirror).   So: yeah, it’s a cliche.  And, yeah, it’s a good time to look.  You’ve likely gotten your year-end bonus, hopefully a raise, etc.  Plus, a lot of firms (we’d be one of them) went into December in growth/ hiring mode, but found themselves slowed down by the holidays.  Which means they (and by this, I mean us) are going to be entering January in a bit of a frenzy.

All that said: you can do yourself a huge favor by getting a jump on your job search now.  I know it’s tough, with parties to attend, excuses to develop to avoid said parties, mall parking lots to drive around and around in, etc al.  Still.  Do it – if you start a conversation with a firm you’re interested in now, while everyone’s trying to figure out where the stores stock egg nog (and why), you’ll have a huge jump on the competition come January.  Even if you get an offer now, explain to the folks you’re talking to that you have a bonus that pays out on X date, and that you can give your notice the minute that the money hits your account.  Trust me on this: they probably won’t mind.  We have two people we hired in November who are in that position, and we’re okay with it.  Their desks are ready, and we’re excited to have them.