I get a lot of resumes (and yet, never enough…)   Here’s something that turns me off – heck, it turns a lot of my peers out there in the recruit-o-sphere: buzzwords.  If you’ve got some sort of “Skills Summary” section on your resume that says things like: “Multi-tasker”, or “Experienced in building successful relationships”, or the always fun “Self starter”you need to do some pruning.  Because it’s almost always dross. 

It’s great to have technical skills listed on your resume, in, well, a technical skills section.  Goofball recruiters like me are super-excited about doing keyword searches, and we’ll find you if you list some of your hard skills.  Trust me on this, I’ve never put together a search string that looked for somebody who was good at synergizing (which I think is some sort of dirty-sexy workout).  Stick to things like, I dunno, .Net, C#, proofreading, copy editing, Excel, etc.

Granted, it’s been really refreshing over the years to hear from so many team-playing, people persons, but I think it’s done.