True (albeit, quick) story: Just got a resume, from a high-level candidate.  Great sales background, interesting depth of experience, etc.  Might even be a fit for an opening we have here as a Director of Product Marketing for our new Sales Intelligence Unit.  That said, he’s in Oregon – now, that’s not a deal killer if he’s interested in relocating out here to Boston.  That said: I have not idea what his ties here are, and/ or if he will relocate.  His cover letter said “See attached”.  That’s it – so, a lousy marketing piece to start off with (you all know how much I value people writing good cover letters by now), and complete ambiguity around if he’d move out this way.

So, I choose “pass”.  Lesson to you all on the value of targeting how you apply for jobs.  Market yourselves, and if there are obvious reasons why a company might pass on you, try and overcome them in that cover letter. 

’nuff said.