My boss asked me if I had any books handy I could loan him to loan to a friend of his who’s son was about t go on his first post-grad job interviews.  I pointed him here (shameless), as well as gave him the names of some of the standards (Guerrilla’s Guide, Ultimate Job Hunting, etc).51sjjnu6o9l__bo2204203200_pisitb-dp-500-arrowtopright45-64_ou01_aa240_sh20_.jpg

Then I had a moment – I hustled over to my office and grabbed this: 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire (Paul Falcone).  When I brought it back to Bill, he looked confused – “These are questions he should be asking the interviewer?”  I told him no – what it is, is insight into what the interviewer’s going to be looking for when they quiz you.  That’s a huge advantage – basically, you walk in knowing what type of dogfood the interviewer eats, and you’ve got a pocketful of it handy.

Not a tough read, and broken down by disciplines so you can target your type of interview (sales vs admin vs exec vs fresh grad), as well as the thinking behind the standard questions you’ll get (“Do you have any weaknesses?”, etc).

For a 12 buck investment (or, a trip to your local library), you’ll get some great dividends.

 Also, some information on what they can’t ask you – you might be surprised…