glennon.jpgThis is an updte to a post I wrote 12 months ago – basically, a doxology to our QA Manager, who was doing a bang up job helping me recruit for him.  I’m updating this, as Jeff did such an all-around great job as QA Manager, that he’s now providing much broader leadership to our Web Dev team. 

Here’s the original post:

Magic can happen.  It’s unfortunate, but a lot of hiring managers assume that once they give a job spec to a recruiter, they can walk away from the process.  This isn’t the case.  They need to invest some time up front in working with the recruiter on what they need, actively participate in thinking through the process of how to find that person, and then provide thoughtful feedback on each candidate to that the recruiter can learn-in-motion.  If they don’t, they’re going to have an open position in their department for a lot longer than they want.

I’m not saying that’s the case here – fact is, we hire people who like to approach every project intelligently, and work well with others.  No organization is perfect, but we’re pretty darned good. That said, I did want to put out a strong “thank you, thank you very much” to a guy who I know reads this blog every day (which puts him in some extremely select company).  Our own Jeff Glennon.

If you’re into QA, and you’re looking to work for a manager who understands that great QA matters as much to a software organizations success as great engineering, he’s the man.  To him, there are testers, and there are QA people.  QA’ers think through the entire process – they want to understand the totality of  the product they’re working on, so they can anticipate bugs before they happen.  It’s probably because Jeff approaches his work like this that he’s been such a great partner as I search for a QA Engineer for him.  He’s thought about what he needs, he’s into the search, his feedback is spot on and fast.  We’re going to find a star for the role, and I think it’s going to happen fast thanks to his efforts.

If you’re interested in working for a mad genius like Jeff, apply here:

One last thing, and then I’ll shut up and get back to sourcing:  To Jeff, his work is his craft, and I can’t pay a person a higher compliment than that.