Jennifer Tortorella’s one of the best agency recruiters I know (seriously – if you don’t believe me, just ask her 🙂  She’s good, and a great partner/ vendor to ZoomInfo.  Her latest post drew my attention to CareerBuilder’s annual interview mistakes survey – sad, but true stuff.  I’d add in the guy who, when I walked out to greet him, was on his laptop.  Not a big deal, but when I said “Hi [name removed to avoid lawyers], I’m Martin Burns, nice to meet you,” he glanced up, raised his finger to let me know he needed a minute, then went back to typing… When he was done playing Scrabulous (or whatever), I sat him in a conference room and went to grab the first interviewer – within those 2 minutes, he had plugged his network into a data line in the office, and gone on-line to do some surfing….

One more – that same day (honest), we had another candidate in for a QA role.  When the QA Manager asked her where she saw herself in a few years (standard softball question with a hidden edge), she answered “As a software engineer – I’m too cerebral for QA.”

Needless to say, not exactly people we chased after….