Ever Notice the Irony in How Much Copywriter Job Ads Suck?

I mean, why the hell is that?  First off, they’re ads – commercials, selling a product.  When did HR decide it knew how to write, fer the love of Pete (or Sue, whoever)??  And, of all the audiences to write a lame, “must have excellent prioritization skills, excellent grammar and writing skills (really?? shocking!)” bit of ad copy to.  Grr.  Makes me wanna….


…ahem, any-who, sorry about that.  Here’s the thing: I’m the recruiting manager over at ZoomInfo.  We’re looking for a copywriter, and I thought I’d check out some copywriter ads on Indeed.com for inspiration – you know, to steal somebody’s better idea.  And, well, good lord.  If you need to tell a copywriter with over 3 years of experience in the real world that they need to know how to spell and write…..


What these goons _should_ be talking about is the opportunity – why (for example) ZoomInfo is such an interesting place to work.  Talk about the ability to have your voice heard.  About making quick and deep friendships with the people you’ll be spending a lot of time every work day with.  How quickly we’re growing, and how much fun we’re having doing that.  The random parties.  All the beer in the fridge.  How we’re laughing on our way to the bank.  The chance to really grow, to be trusted, and to be picked up and dusted off when you make a mistake (we figure mistakes mean you’re trying hard, and that’s what matters – people who don’t screw up make us nervous, and generally have ridiculously great hair and MBA’s).


Obviously, there should be something in there about what you’ll be doing (it can’t be all beer and cake, can it?).  Just to stick with the ZoomInfo example (right, just an “example”…):  we don’t look over your shoulder & we have a lot to do, so you should be cool with that.  We think we’re funny (funny ha-ha that is).  Annnd, we’re a business – you should know how to balance the creative with the technical, be able to hit deadlines, and tell a joke.  We swoon over dreamers who know how to implement – have a big idea, and then make it happen.  All we ask for.


Last part, what the heck will this swami of the written word be working on?  Lots and lots.  The more you can handle, the more we’ll give you.  You’ll become the voice of ZoomInfo, and make sure that voice gets consistent across all kinds of media.  You’ll be writing copy for print and online ad campaigns, white papers (yeah, we know – dry, but they help bring in the money, and we’d like to pay you), our web site, etc, etc.  We have stuff that needs to get written, in short.


So….. if your still with me, you’re the kind of person who was muttering “yes! job ads do stink!”, and you have some of the experience I was (blatantly) fishing for in that rant, why don’t you reach on out?