Shameless use of my blog, but so be it.  We’re looking for a PR rock star, to join our team of, well, rock stars.  If you – or someone you know – happens to fit the bill (see below), it’s worth reaching on out (‘cuz, if you can’t tell, I love this place….)

El Position
Good at run-of-the-mill PR? Love taking the safe approach? Good for you – there are plenty of companies that would love you. We’re just not the one for you.

That said: bit of a risk taker? Not afraid of making mistakes? Easily frustrated by bureaucracy? Same here – we should talk. We’re looking for an intelligent innovator in PR – somebody who gets how social media is changing how we communicate, but who gets that building a PR site on Second Life might be a little too geeky….

We’d love it if you have at least 5 years of experience in Public Relations or Corporate Communications, and a degree in a related field. Experience with B2B high-tech companies a plus. Position reports to the Director of Marketing Communications (she’s kind of a big deal).

Responsibilities include:
• Support Marketing Communications by PR and AR goals, objectives.
• Write and edit press releases including regular (creative!) company communications, technology launches, customer case studies, newsletters, etc.
• Work internally with spokespeople and contributors including executive-level team, technologists, and product management/marketing team members.
• Letting stress run off your shoulders like water off a duck’s back (just don’t quack while it’s happening – that’s unsettling).
• Write and edit bylined articles about relevant technology topics.
• Track competitive developments and craft responses as needed.
• Build and maintain relationships with technology, trade, bloggers, podcasters and business reporters in print, broadcast and on-line media.
• Make us laugh – and, laugh with (not at!) us. Well, you can laugh at our Recruiting Manager – that’s become kind of a rite of passage around here.
• Write compelling pitches to reach a variety of key media audiences.
• Manage incoming media requests and conduct/staff interviews.

Send your info here, por favor: