The subtitle of this post is “OMFG!!  I have to touch it – Ahhh!!!!”

It’s been a few years, so I can safely rant about this one…  Just do me (and humanity) one big, freaking easy to do favor: wash you hands when you come out of the bathroom stall.  Otherwise, you may well have to force somebody who just witnessed this to follow you out (after figuring out how to open the door without touching the handle you just managed to make unclean), walk behind you to the reception area and greet you, since you’re there for a freaking INTERVIEW and he’s the freaking RECRUITER who has to try and look at you with a straight face.

I hate my life, sometimes.  Really, really didn’t want to extend my hand and take his in it.  It was truly gross – and, I swear to you, he had no idea.  None. 

I’ll bet he’s done it again.

He’s probably doing it right now.