Shameless use of my blog, but also alrtuistic.  We’ve (we being the collective mad genius/ oddballness/ general awesomeness that is ZoomInfo) just launched Zipi.  It’s cool – it’s really cool, actually.  The idea was to provide quick and easy access to our database of professionals (which means 15 million additional email contacts – just a little tick up from your contact list).  Doesn’t take over your personal address book, just provides you a way to search our database from your send line, or through a search bar in your in-box.

So easy, even this guy could use it…

Want to expand your contact list exponentially?  How about having access to millions of professionals, many of them decision makers (ie, hiring managers)?  Annnnd… want it to be easy, intuitive, and free?  Too bad, that’ll cost – wait, no, it actually is free.  And easy.  Did I mention free?  So: if you use Outlook, get Zipi.  All it does is give you more access.  Access to people you can work with and for, sell and market to, and generally chat up.

Here’s the link to the beta –