So… frankly, I think there are a ton of things that are worse than’s “8 Worst Things to Say in an Interview” but I’d have to agree you want to steer clear of this list.  For example, I’d put insulting your interviewer’s intelligence waaay above quoting Shakespeare.  Seriously.  We had a candidate come through for a QA interview (and, yes, I think I’ve abused this person here before).  When the QA Manager asked her where she saw herself in a couple of years, she told him “As a software engineer – I’m far too cerebral for QA”.  Not good.

Also, (sidetrack): if you’re picking at a scab on your face (Yup!  I hate my job sometimes) during an interview, and it starts to bleed, don’t expect to get a sales job with me.  I’m not putting you in front of my customers.