We hire really, really great people.  Smart, funny, visionary, all of that.  From the executive level to the front desk to our newest fresh grad hire, they’re all likely to start their own companies – fact is, at least 3 of our people have left in the past year to do just that (among them, Viximo and Bizo).  We’re still close to all of them, and work closely with at least one of their new ventures.

A lot of places would hate that.  Losing a star perfomer can be a drag, but the fact is that these types are the employees who do amazing work no matter what they’re doing, create tremendous energy and excitement, and are generally just kinda awesome to be around.  We’ve bought into that idea, and actually get excited during the recruiting process when we find out that somebody’s chock-full-of-ideas.

I know, I know – “every company claims that, and nobody means it.”  Oh, ye of little faith.  Forbes recently published a profile of our own Sam Tharp, who’s got his own side-business (Otrib).  The full article’s here.  Meantime, why don’t I serve you up a slice of it – a quote from our President, Bryan Burdick:

At ZoomInfo, Otrib founder Tharp told his boss, Bryan Burdick, about his on-line funeral planning venture when he was interviewing in 2007. “Sam was very up front about it and obviously very passionate,” says Burdick. He adds that over the past two years at least three ZoomInfo staffers have left to start their own companies. “It’s important to make sure that everyone’s objectives are clear, and to say ‘This is what success means for you here,'” says Burdick. “As long as they meet those goals, I don’t care what they’re doing in their off hours.”